A Day in the Life of a Caring Hearts Kid

A Day In The Life Of A Caring Hearts Kid

The best way to get a feel for the kind of care your child would receive at Caring Hearts is for you to visit a center and meet our nursing staff, therapists and teachers. We welcome you to come by at any time before, during or after we care for your child. In the meantime, the following is an example of a typical day at a Caring Hearts PPEC:

  • Arrive at PPEC via Caring Hearts bus or parent drop-of
  • Vital signs checked and morning medicines administered, as directed by the child’s doctor
  • Breakfast

– Our PPEC aids assist those children who can feed themselves in a group breakfast around the table; children who use g-tubes are fed by our nursing staff and included in the same communal breakfast table

– Infants receive their meals in a loving, nurturing environment with one-on-one treatment

  • Activity session

– For our toddlers and school-aged children our developmental associate implements the educational program for the day. This could be arts and crafts, story time where each child explores his/her imagination by adding to the story, or group singing to name a few.

– Our infants enjoy supervised “mat time” where their senses are stimulated by age and ailment appropriate toys, swinging, or sitting up in therapy equipment.

  • Therapies are provided on a one-on-one basis throughout the day, as directed by the child’s doctor
  • Lunch
  • Nap Time
  • Free Play

– The children are encouraged to explore our developmental learning centers, which include art, drama, math, science, music and motor skills

  • Depart PPEC either on a Caring Hearts bus or by parent pick-up

  • Naples PPEC (239) 403-0400
    Pensacola-University PPEC (850) 475-0555
    Pensacola-Palafox PPEC (850) 696-1039
    Crestview PPEC (850) 689-1376
    Home Health (850) 696-0911


    "In the little over two years that my son has been blessed to receive your services not once have I ever been disappointed. Every staff member has always taken great care of us and especially of my son."
    - Mrs. Danley, Pensacola

    "The facility is very clean. The staff at PPEC are very helpful, organized and wonderful people. My daughter has now been attending a year and a half and has done, with the help of the staff, things the doctors didn't expect her to do by her age. She has also learned to be a sociable child. Our family is very thankful for all the help this program has given our child and us."
    - Mrs. Rodriguez, Naples

    "I enjoy my child going to Caring Hearts. They always keep me informed of what is going on with my child. I appreciate everything you do for my child."
    - Ms. Cameron, Pensacola

    "Thank you very much for everything you do for my child. I am so proud for all of you, especially my son's RN Robin. She is very sweet and takes good care of my son. I love you very much - all the staff working there." - Ms. Louizaire, Naples