About Us

The Caring Hearts Story

Caring Hearts is a family-owned business founded by Gabriel Tejerina, an entrepreneur, and Betty Tejerina, a hospital social worker.

In 1995, the Tejerina family owned a typical child development center in Naples, FL. One day a young single mother with a baby walked through the doors of the daycare in a desperate state. Her baby boy had muscular dystrophy and required an apnea monitor. Because of the child’s illness and technological dependence, no daycare center would accept her son. As a result, the mother could not have a job and was struggling to support her young family.

Betty took the child in on a temporary basis while trying to find a facility that could provide the elevated level of care the child would require as his disease progressed. She and Gabriel discovered that there was no such facility in Naples or the surrounding area, but that the legislature had created the framework for a health benefit called Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC). PPEC is similar to a traditional child development center, but it also offers the level of medical care required by special needs children.

In the next year Betty and Gabe transformed the development center into a PPEC with that same baby boy as the first patient. Two years later, Sacred Heart Hospital, Children’s Medical Services and the local Medicaid office invited and supported Betty and Gabe in opening a PPEC for Pensacola Fl, followed by another in Crestview, Fl. The Tejerina family feels honored to have been able to provide quality service to the medically needy for the last twenty years.

  • Naples PPEC (239) 403-0400
    Pensacola-University PPEC (850) 475-0555
    Pensacola-Palafox PPEC (850) 696-1039
    Crestview PPEC (850) 689-1376
    Home Health (850) 696-0911


    "In the little over two years that my son has been blessed to receive your services not once have I ever been disappointed. Every staff member has always taken great care of us and especially of my son."
    - Mrs. Danley, Pensacola

    "The facility is very clean. The staff at PPEC are very helpful, organized and wonderful people. My daughter has now been attending a year and a half and has done, with the help of the staff, things the doctors didn't expect her to do by her age. She has also learned to be a sociable child. Our family is very thankful for all the help this program has given our child and us."
    - Mrs. Rodriguez, Naples

    "I enjoy my child going to Caring Hearts. They always keep me informed of what is going on with my child. I appreciate everything you do for my child."
    - Ms. Cameron, Pensacola

    "Thank you very much for everything you do for my child. I am so proud for all of you, especially my son's RN Robin. She is very sweet and takes good care of my son. I love you very much - all the staff working there." - Ms. Louizaire, Naples